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Obesity and weight related issues have dominated health care industry for the last decade. People have realised the health hazards that one could invite if they crossed the healthy threshold weight limit. However, recently people have even become more conscious about the effects of excess weight on their appearance. Naturally, cosmetic industry is abuzz with finding newer means and better techniques to cope with problem of obesity. While surgery is definitely a way to remove excess fat, not everyone is comfortable going under the knife. Besides, surgery may not be a feasible option for everyone. Such people can immensely benefit from Ion Magnum, an innovative technology that can bring about weight loss without surgical intervention.

Fat Removal & Body Contouring with Non Surgical Techniques

Ion Magnum Technique for Body Contouring
Ion Magnum has benefited many people who could not go for surgery due to some reason or the other. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it requires very little effort on the patient’s part. Besides, it does not just remove excess fat, but also contributes in rendering a perfect shape to the body. This technique can effectively correct sagging skin or remove post pregnancy fat. It is an ideal technique for body contouring for people of every age.

Working of Ion Magnum Technique
Whenever you perform an arduous workout, your brain sends signals to your muscle which cause them to undergo toning. This natural mechanism of brain is mimicked in Ion Magnum technique. The square waveforms that are generated in Ion Magnum are identical to the ones generated by brain. This tricks the muscles into believing that they are being worked out. As a result, you get perfectly toned muscles without the pain of undergoing a strenuous workout. Unlike other techniques Ion Magnum does not cause twitching or jerking of muscles by sending electronic currents. Instead, it causes the muscles to gently flex, much like in a natural way.

Advantages of Ion Magnum

  • You can burn up to 5000 calories in a single session.
  • Boosts metabolic rate.
  • Reduces visceral fat.
  • Promotes muscle building.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Skin firming effects.

The biggest advantage of Ion Magnum is that unlike natural workout, it does not burn glucose from the body. It only targets fat cells, thereby alleviating an occurrence of fatigue. Thus, in some ways Ion Magnum is even better than a natural workout. Define Aesthetics, a reputed weight loss clinic in Pune is pioneer in bringing this body contouring treatment in India. Apart from Ion Magnum, it also offers many other technologies for weight loss, slimming and body contouring.

Obesity has become an issue of paramount importance across the world. Life threatening diseases such as cardiac ailments, diabetes etc. can be attributed to obesity. A healthy diet and physical exercises can help keep obesity at bay. However, sometimes body may not respond to these means alone. People with hormonal problems may find it extremely difficult to achieve weight loss despite tremendous efforts. Such people can benefit immensely from weight loss achieved with advanced technology.

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Weight Loss through Advanced Technology

Define Aesthetics is one such clinic where advanced technologies are used in combination with conventional means of weight loss such as diet. At Define Aesthetics every patient is assessed carefully for BMI, fat percentage, visceral fat, associated co-morbidities like Metabolic Syndrome, DM, HTN and co-existent conditions like Hypothyroidism and other hormonal abnormalities with the help of a team of doctors and nutritionist.

Define Aesthetics implements following cutting edge technologies to bring about a significant weight loss in the patients.

  • Ion Magnum
  • High Focalised Ultrasound
  • Radiofrequency
  • Acoustic Wave

Ion Magnum
It is a device that is based on nanotechnology and is used to deliver Pure Analog Multisine Waveform. When you exercise your brain sends signals to corresponding muscles, thereby working them out. Ion Magnum mimics these signals so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout. In return what you get is the benefits of an intense, professional workout minus the pain, physical exertion or inconvenience of conventional exercise. The technology is effective in reducing the visceral fat, cellulite and also builds muscles & improves muscle mass. This naturally increases metabolic rate which further initiates weight loss.

High Focalised Ultrasound
In this technology, high focused ultrasound beams (up to 1000) are aimed at targeted depth in the body, with extreme precision. The ultrasound energy is used to burst fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues. The adipose tissue is broken down into individual cells and the cell membrane gates are opened. The fluid after bursting fat cells is drained and used by the body. This technology is effective in fat loss because the burst fat cells are rarely replaced, as the body stops generating them after a certain age.

High radiofrequency energy causes targeted deep thermal heating. Metabolic activity is initiated and the local fat tissue lipolysis process is accelerated. This causes fat cell volume to decrease and the fat layer to reduce. It heats up collagen fibres in skin and increases production of new collagen. This improves skin tightening and texture.

Acoustic Wave Technology
Acoustic waves are extremely strong non-focused sound pulses that induce vibration within the body. This has following effect on cellulite-

  • The firmness and elasticity of the dermis increases.
  • Blood circulation and collagen production is significantly stimulated.
  • Restored elasticity of skin & connective tissue
  • Visible improvement in skin texture

Oftentimes, these technologies are used in combination for a better effect. The results produced by these technologies are often permanent. Since, the Weight Loss Treatment is achieved in a healthy way, there are no negative effects on the body.